Please see the Student & Family Handbook for a complete list of policies. Included below:

  • Title IX Policy Statement

  • Parent Complaint Procedure

  • Student Fee Policy

  • School Wellness Policy

  • Pupil Progression Plan

 Title IX Policy Statement

ARISE Schools does not discriminate on the basis of sex, exclude persons from participation or deny the benefit, or subject anyone to discrimination under any ARISE programs or activities.

Questions regarding Title IX can be directed to: 

ARISE Schools’s Title IX Coordinator
Kiril Johnson, Executive Director of Culture
6701 Curran Blvd, New Orleans, LA 70126

The Office of Civil Rights
U.S. Department of Education
Office for Civil Rights
400 Maryland Avenue, SW
Washington, D.C. 20202-1328

Parent Complaint Procedure

We share the commitment to accountability that we ask of all our parents and students, and we will address concerns expeditiously and judiciously. Any parent may bring a complaint to the school principal for any reason, including the request to appeal a disciplinary decision. The below process has been established so that students and parents may bring concerns, appeals, or complaints to the attention of the appropriate party:

  1. If a concern arises from a school situation, students or parents should first discuss it with the teacher or staff member involved.

  2. If he students or parents concerned believe that the discussion has not led to a satisfactory conclusion, they may proceed to discuss the matter with a dean of students or assistant principal in an attempt to reach a solution.

  3. If the students or parents believe that the situation still has not been resolved, concerns should be taken to the principal. The principal will first investigate the matter to ensure Steps 1 and 2 have been appropriately completed. They will then then record the complaint or appeal of a disciplinary decision and address any concerns regarding action or inaction taken by the school administration. Principals will address the issue within three school days of the appeal and within five school days from the time the complaint is introduced.

  4. If the situation still has not been resolved to the satisfaction of students or parents, the matter should be taken to the co-directors of ARISE Schools, Kiril Johnson, Jolene Galpin (Mildred Osborne Charter School), and Krista Patrick-Brown (ARISE Academy). The co-directors will record the complaint or appeal and address it within five schools days from the time the complaint of appeal is introduced.

  5. If all other steps have been exhausted and the situation is still unresolved to the satisfaction of the students or parents, the matter should be taken to the ARISE Schools Board of Directors through its Parental Concerns and Complaints Committee. The chair of the board, Mr. Michael Wallace, can be reached at or via U.S. mail at ARISE Schools, 6701 Curran Bvld, New Orleans, LA 70126.

The students or parents may request that the committee appoint a parent from the respective school who has no direct involvement with the matter to participate with the committee and provide input into the committee decision. The parent requesting a parent representative will be required to complete a release of student information from allowing the parent representative to view the student's information. The appointed parent will be required to execute a Confidentiality Agreement to maintain the integrity of the process and to protect any confidential information that may be necessary to disclose.

Emergency issues will be dealt with on an as-needed basis. The committee, as necessary, shall direct the principal or other responsible party to act upon the complaint and report its resolution to the committee. The committee shall render a final determination in writing, as necessary.

If after presentation of a complaint to the ARISE Schools Board of Directors Parental Concerns and Complaints Committee, the student or parents believe the issue has not adequately been addressed, they may present the complaint to the charter authorizer, the Orleans Parish Public School Board (OPSB), which shall investigate and respond. The authorizer shall have the power and the duty to issue appropriate remedial orders to the Board of Directors of ARISE Schools.

OPSB can be contacted through its Community Concerns Hotline at 504-304-5782. For more information on the disabilities discrimination complaint process, please visit your school's front office.


Mildred Osborne Charter School

Jolene Galpin, Principal & Executive Director
(504) 250-3906

ARISE Schools

Kiril Johnson, Executive Director of Finance and Operations
(504) 460-4784

Principal / Executive Director Contact Information

ARISE Academy

LaKeysha London, Principal
(504) 330-1739

Krista Patrick-Brown, Executive Director
(504) 655-0709

Student Fee Policy

ARISE Academy and Mildred Osborne Charter School provide education, transportation, and meals to all students free of charge. There are no mandatory fees to attend an ARISE School. All fees requested from families will be communicated to fames as early as possible, and a clear waiver process will be made available to ensure no undue economic hardship is caused by student fees. In no case will any fee prohibited by local, state, or federal law be authorized by ARISE Schools leadership, and in no case will students be denied or delayed admission to any instructional activity due to failure to pay a fee. However, families may be asked to pay fees for students to participate in:

  • Field trips

  • End of year trips

  • After school activities/Aftercare

  • Extracurricular activities

  • K and 8th Grade Graduations

Collection and Spending of Fees

  • School Leaders (or their designee) will create a description of all fees to be collected by the school. Schools will make every effort to communicate these fees before the beginning of each academic year and will communicate any updates via school website, direct family communication, or other appropriate means.

  • School Leaders (or their designee) will collect fees from families and/or scholars. The standard methods of payment are credit card, check or money orders. Cash is not preferred but will also be accepted. Payments will also be accepted via the website, when possible.

  • In accordance with ARISE Schools Financial Policies and Procedures, the school will generate a receipt or other documentation of the transaction for the school’s records and for those of the family.

As a general practice, student fees are designed to offset the cost of programming funded primarily by other funding sources, including recurring per-pupil revenue and grants. School Leaders (or their designee) will determine the appropriate use for funds collected via student fees and will be responsible for clearly communicating these plans to students and families. Typical uses of fees include uniforms, equipment, and transportation for athletic and co-curricular organizations; participation in special events; and other supplementary programming that complements the core mission of the school.

Student Fee Waiver Requests
ARISE Schools seeks to keep these fees manageable for families, and seeks to avoid excluding students from experiences based on an inability to pay. Families for whom these fees cause an undue hardship may appeal to the appropriate school representative and show proof of hardship to have them waived or reduced. Parents and guardians experiencing economic hardship may request a reduction or waiver of student fees by completing a Student Fee Waiver Request, which is available in each school’s front office. The school leader or his/her designee will review each hardship waiver request and make a determination within 10 business days. Parents and guardians who meet the following criteria will be eligible for a reduction or waiver of fees:

  • receiving public assistance funds (e.g., Temporary Assistance for Needy Families, Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program, Supplemental Security Income, Medicaid, and unemployment benefits)

  • providing foster care services

  • experiencing homelessness

A school may ask parents and guardians who do not meet the criteria above to provide additional documentation supporting their requests for a reduction or waiver of student fee.

Below are a list of fees by school for the 2019-20 School Year:

Mildred Osborne Charter School

  • Chromebook replacement fee - $150

  • Earbud replacement fee - $5

  • Earbud case replacement fee - $5

  • Band / Marching Units - TBD

  • Field Trips - vary

  • 8th Grade graduation budget - TBD

  • 8th Grade tip - TBD

  • Kindergarten graduation budget - TBD

ARISE Academy

  • Band / Marching Units - TBD

  • Student IDs (optional) - $5

  • Field Trips - Vary

  • 8th Grade trip - TBD

  • 8th Grade graduation budget - TBD

  • Kindergarten graduation budget - TBD

Local School Wellness Plan

ARISE Schools is committed to the optimal development of every student. We believe that for students to have the opportunity to achieve personal, academic, developmental and social success, we need to create positive, safe and health-promoting learning environments at every level, in every setting, throughout the school year.

Below are links to our most up-to-date Local School Wellness Policy (LSWP) and Wellness assessment:

2018-19 LSWP

2018-19 Wellness Assessment

Pupil Progression Plan

Below is the current board approved Pupil Progression Plan for ARISE Schools

Pupil Progression Plan